Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will see all those frequently asked questions by users facing problems at Bloggers/Blogspot. Everything you want to know about blogger templates…

Pyare Templates is a blogger templates downloading website. Here you can download lots of premium, free, responsive and ad friendly blogger templates. Our goal is to deliver highly optimized, fast, and uniquely designed templates.

Blogger is an American online content management system (CMS) that provides a platform to share your knowledge experience or latest news or any technical information in the world without any restrictions and limitations. Blogger is part of the Google platform that serves a wide international user base with 60+ languages ​​on Google servers.

Blogger is completely free as it is owned by Google. It does not need hosting and all your data will be hosted at Google Server. The only thing you need to do is to purchase the domain name.

Your blog will be hosted by Google itself and could be accessed from anywhere in the world.

A Blogger Template is a design in XML format language built with AJAX, HTML5, and CSS3 code that can be used for creating a blog, website, or app using
Blogger Templates is a piece of several blogger languages (XHTML, Section Attributes, Widgets much more) where it helps to shows posts, pages, and the layout structure of the website.

No, Blogger Templates are written in XHTML language which is not compatible with Useless Platform WordPress. If you have chosen a template that you want to use, Just Shift into the platform today and start your blogging with services and designs, Full Customer support.

Sorry, Unfortunately, we are not working for WordPress, because WordPress is a useless platform, costly, no security measurements, hosting headache, plugin headaches much more problems. is the only solution but with our blogger templates only because we provide all necessary WordPress plugin features like SEO and other important stuff like auto-generation of meta robots, schema, title tags, alt tags much more features that we provide. Just be Updated and Smart with our Powerful blogger templates. You can get WordPress Themes and Plugins on Pyare

All you need to create Gmail Account. You can use same email to login in your Blogger platform.

Free Blogger Templates are allowed to be distributed without modifying the footer credit but Premium Blogger are under license CC 3.0 where you can use the premium version for personal use only no permission to sell and distribute on online platforms.

For My Users we provide a free blog setup service, there are no extra charges that you need to pay. Also, you can manually install the blogger template by following this page link. Here we have explained in detailed information how to install a blogger template.

No, you cannot resell any premium blogger template and share it with anyone in groups or social media platforms. Because a developer developed a blogger template using hard work.

Many users face a problem that Why does my website show only 2 posts, Either I Turned on 6 Posts and this happens due to a problem in your posts and blogger settings, not in the template, let’s see how to fix it.
Blogger is a Powerful platform by google but sometimes there is a limitation that google engineers did in blogger, in the past couple of years there is too many improvements and changes that the blogger team made, like easy to handle and take control over your blog.
Blogger has a limit of 1MB Post sizes that shouldn’t exceed that’s why when reaching this limit your posts aren’t showing on your website.
There are two solutions one of them Make Clear Text Formatting by Selecting all text in each post one by one and click on the Text Formating option at top of Blogger Dashboard Post Editor (but this option clear all changes inside the post like your custom inserted buttons color lines etc. and increase website speed because in blogger the posts loaded automatically in background when you load your homepage if you don’t want to do this use second option).
On other hand, the second solution is by making page break in each post one by one simple go to your posts and at the top of paragraph in the post insert page break option located at top blogger editor tools, now you have successfully inserted page break, same like this way insert in other posts.
This page break increase website speed and lightweight your web page size if your posts are lengthy.
For more help search on youtube how to give page break in blogger.

This is very common and sometimes many users feel like they are stuck in borewell.
But originally it’s very simple to open the .xml template file in notepad editor and copy the whole code inside the template file, after that go to Blogger>Theme>Edit HTML and paste the code.
By doing this method it solves the error.

Well, there are various beginners and professionals available on the blogger platform but nobody knows how to remove virus and junk from blogger template and other useless gadgets which is not in use.
If you want to do this manually then it takes too much time.
Why the useless widgets created in blogger platform when you change the template because different templates have different widget ID which matches with next template widget and it created the junk.
But we provide a solution to remove all viruses/junk and extra useless widgets easily with just one tap, First of all, download this blank template file Blank Template.xml and open it in any Notepad editor Copy all the code inside this blank template and paste it on Blogger>Theme>Edit HTML dashboard and save the code.
Make sure you make a backup of your template file after that re-upload the original template which you want to use on your blogger website.

It depends on your blog category. If your blog is magazine type, search for magazine style, if you want to make simple choose a simple blog layout theme.